Hidden Treasures at the Shelter

July 1, 2017

Shelters experience heartbreak all the time as older dogs and cats, dogs and cats that have spent a lot of time in the shelter, shy animals and animals with an injury are overlooked by adopters in favor of cute kittens and puppies. All these animals are equally deserving of loving furr-ever homes.

This is the story of Peach.
​Peach was part of a litter of 6. They were found in a ditch at 7 weeks old back in 2011. Three of them found homes as puppies. Squirt however, waited 5 years to find his forever home. And Peach has waited 6 years to finally find her forever home. Dory is still waiting.
Peach had actually been in a few homes during this time for very short periods. They never were patient with her. She is so timid and people want that instant love returned. But sometimes it takes time to earn an animals’ trust when all they know is the shelter staff who raised them their entire lives, and then introducing them to the real world takes time, too. Peach was the one who would stay to the back of the run hunkered down if she didn’t know you. But her heart is so big, and she is incredibly loyal to the ones she knows best. She loves every dog she meets and wants them all to be her friends.
Peach has finally found that perfect home! With people who love her and doggy friends too. Her first week there she is already snuggling in bed with them.
The family that adopted her saw her online. They came specifically to meet her and spent an hour or so 3 days a week for almost 2 months visiting. They didn’t want to bring Peach home in a rush and not have enough time to spend with her for her feel comfortable, even when they were at work. Peach left the day she was adopted by her new family feeling confident that she could trust her new humans as much as she trusted us at the shelter who loved her so much!
This is the kind of story that brings tears to your eyes. Adopting an animal is a life long commitment, and these adopters know that. They are willing to put forth the effort to reap the rewards of unconditional love. Congratulations to Peach and her new family!