And…Here’s The Back Story On Pumba

January 27, 2017


Pumba, & his sister Sarabi, were tiny bottle babies when brought in to Freeman-Fritts by a Good Samaritan. With no mama, and too young to eat solid food, one of our receptionists at the time, Courtney Campbell, volunteered to be their surrogate mom. Bottling them with milk replacer every few hours, and choosing perfect names for them from The Lion King, Courtney finally weaned the pair into strong, healthy kids, and moved them permanently back to Freeman-Fritts.

Pumba, a strikingly handsome Flame Point Siamese with compelling crossed eyes, always displayed an outgoing, adventurous personality. All the action and commotion in the shelter never seemed to freak him out, but rather peaked his interest; he couldn’t wait to jump into the middle of the fun. In our shelter we believe in morning playtime for the kittens, where ten or twelve of our youngsters gather in the visiting room to figure out how to be cats. That socialization taught him how to get along and play nicely with other kits. Having been a well fostered bottle baby had already given him an instinctual love of people. So he quickly grew into a nearly purrfect, highly adoptable member of our shelter family.
He was more than ready for his opportunity when a nice family saw him on our website and came to meet him. It was his looks that got him a nibble, but his personality that won his forever home, hook, line and sinker. He now lives in San Antonio in a beautiful home with loving people who have touched base with us how much they’re enjoying his company. Pumba proved to be the lap-cat they were looking for, and in return they’re giving him the love he deeply needs.
For us at Freeman-Fritts, it’s the win-win we’re always looking for. Mission accomplished!

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