Big Give SA 2017 – May 4th- 24hours of giving

April 20, 2017

The Big Give SA is coming on May 4th, so mark your calendars! The Big Give is a 24 hour opportunity! And when the community comes together amazing things can happen.

Heres the link for the Big Give donation page come May 4th :

All the funds go to The Elsa Fund!
This is a fund we’ve created to help us defer the costs for helping those in most need, just like our very own Olaf at Olaf’s World. We’ve seen a huge increase in cases that require extensive medical care.


Elsa is just one of so so many. Her owners discovered Elsa very sick and didn’t know what was wrong. After a visit to the vet and several extensive and expensive tests later they saw that she had a gotten into string from something.  Unfortunately causing obstruction. We had read Elsa’s owners plea on a Facebook page for help. They had used all their savings on tests that when it came down to surgery and  had no money left. They lived hours away from us. Thankfully we had someone who could meet them to get the kitty so we could try and help. We got her into surgery but, unfortunately, Elsa just could not recover from so much of the damage of the obstruction. These are the cases we want to help. We are now her voice to help save more like Elsa!
We’ve seen so many like Elsa. Right now two dogs need an eye ball removed. We’ve had dogs with ingrown collars and puppies so malnourished and hookworm infested, they were near death. There’s Larry the kitty who was hit by car and had a broken jaw, Monkey the kitty who was stuck in a car fan belt injuring his anus.  By the time he was brought to us he had maggots in his wound.
We’ve had a dog brought to us with a broken leg that had been shot by two different caliber guns and had to have that leg removed; a boxer puppy with her eye ball hanging out after being attacked by another dog; a box of puppies dumped in ditch covered in ants; two plastic tubs with a litter of kittens and their mom zipped tied shut in the middle of summer; a cruelty case with dogs left in terrible shape. All these require so much care and attention that we need your financial assistance so we can help more like this! Those listed above are just a handful of the special ones we try help!