Helping a Special Needs Dog

August 12, 2017

Olive, the German shepherd mix, has come a long way. She arrived emaciated and sick, sick, sick. You could see every bump on her spine. Olive went blind from diabetes and had never been on a leash. With lots of loving care and diagnosing, her diabetes has been stabilized, and she has plumped up to a healthy weight.
Once afraid to walk anywhere for fear of bumping into things, Jay has now gotten her used to feeling secure walking on the leash
with just the slightest tension to indicate an obstacle in front of her. She can step out with confidence that he is her eyes and will keep her safe. Sandy also walks Olive every morning on the Freeman-Fritts grounds, and Charlotte walks her in the afternoon and has sat with her throughout a thunderstorm when Olive was shaking.
Her world is suddenly a much better place. Olive will need a special owner, which is only fitting, as she is a special dog with a calm and loving disposition.

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Then –


And Now-

IMG_2685 FB Olive