Terrific Tabbies

August 12, 2017

Tabbies are special because they are said to have personalities more like dogs than cats ! They will follow you around and love to play and explore. None of this lying around looking decorative for them! They are intelligent and warmly affectionate. Consider tabbies first when looking for a fun family pet!

You may have thought that tabbies were just a not particularly gorgeous breed of cat compared to exotic Siamese or others, but Tabby cats aren’t a breed of cat. Today’s house cats all originated from the African wild cat which has brown and black markings that make good camouflage. Being a tabby meant being a survivor! This tabby coat gene is dominant, so if you look carefully at many domestic cats, you will see the tabby markings even if the cat is orange or black!

Tabbies come with a variety of markings: swirls, spots, stripes, or ticks, but they will all have a distinctive “M” marking on their foreheads.
Legend tells us that when baby Jesus was lying in the manger he was shivering with cold. The other animals present couldn’t do anything about it, but a tabby jumped into the manger and snuggled next to Him. In gratitude Mary made the mark of her own initial on the cat’s forehead.

Tabbies come all colors: brown, silver, orange, and grey. Even calicos can have tabby patches.

Here are four, fabulous, Freeman-Fritts tabbies to choose from:

P1140236 FB Tracy 2
Tracy has the original pattern marking closest to wild African cats with narrow bands around her tail and legs and one or more “necklaces”. Her nose is brown and she has a very distinct “M” on her forehead. She has the usual yellow eyes, but Tracy’s are enormous for a tabby, giving her a sweet, soulful look!

P1120553 FB Leo copy
Leo proves the adage that tabbies are more like dogs than cats! Leo wants a home more than anyone in the shelter. A handsome grey tabby, he will be a real homebody that adores being petted and seeks out humans any chance he gets. He plays well with other kittens as well.

P1110413 FB Elizabeth copy
Brave and bold, Elizabeth illustrates other fine characteristic of tabby cats, their resilience and intelligence. She’s an orange tabby with captivating orange eyes.

P1140315 FB Venus 2
Venus is a mixed tabby and white. She inherits the extreme friendliness of tabbies along with a beautiful Mardi Gras mask of white and white chest and feet. Watch her seek you out as you approach. She’s a lover and a beauty.