Did you miss the 3rd Annual Baby Kitten Shower?

April 11, 2018

The Freeman-Fritts 2018 Bsby Kitten Shower was a great success.  There was an increase in attendance this year with over 50 visitors.  Adults and children had a fun time interacting with each other and the kittens.  Kids of all ages enjoyed “fishing” for kittens in the “pond” (see attachment).  It was standing room only for the Kitty Super bowl.  Super Stars of the day was the JV team (see attachment).

Donations increased this year both in dollars and gifts on our wish list.  We received gift cards, nursing supplies, milk replacement, baby food, baby wipes, toys—the list goes on.  These supplies are used for our own bottle raised kittens and starter kits for home owners who are willing to raise orphans.  Needs of kittens was the focus, but our older cats and kittens benefit as well.  Right now our supply cabinets are filled, but we know more kittens are headed our way and they do take a lot of care, nurturing, and supplies.

Thanks to everyone for their concern and support.  See you next year!