Marley’s Ever After: A Story of Hope for the New Year!

December 31, 2019

Marley’s journey to her EVER AFTER has not been an easy one.The first part of her life she saw the good, the bad,and the ugly side of people. Despite some really low points in her life,she never stopped loving people! In fact, her favorite thing in the whole world is PEOPLE, and,of course, belly rubs! Marley came to us in 2008 when she was just 4 months old. Nothing but pure joy and all puppy. At the time, the animal control officer on duty asked us “Are you sure you want her? She is going to be a boomerang dog.”Not knowing what that meant and what would happen next, she was loaded up and we were on our way.

Round 1: Marley was adopted soon after and was in a home for some time. Then one day, out of the blue, they brought her back! Marley was in horrible shape. She was completely hairless from the shoulders back. They told us they were DONE! They didn’t want to deal with it. So, we gladly took her back into our care, and quickly got to work on her skin. We put her on good food and an occasional allergy shot, and,in no time at all, her hair came back just as lush and shiny as ever!!

Round 2: Things were looking up for Marley.Although no longer a puppy, her loving, outward goofiness won the hearts of another family. Adopted out a second time, with thorough instructions on her needs, we were hopeful. Sadly, she was returned.Again, hairless. Once again we went back to work, restoring Marley to all her glory. Her hair grew back lush and full!

Round 3: Time went on in her quest for a new family. Then one day, a family. They were smitten, but naturally wanted to be sure Marley was the dog for them. They came back, day after day,to visit. They seemed to betaking this lifelong commitment VERY seriously, and we liked that. Could this be the family for Marley? Will her 3rd time be the charm? We held our breath, we prayed, and we were ecstatic when they chose her!! She had a family again, full of kids to love and get love back! And we were all so happy!
Then, yes, that dreadful day. We received thecall all the way from Wisconsin. Someone had dumped her. Luckily, since she had been microchipped, we were contacted. Ready to take a road trip and get our girl back, we finally were able to make contact with the adopters, who sounded devastated. They said she was staying with relatives on a farm while they moved, and some of the workers took her and dumped her, threw her out of a truck. Whether this story was true or not, we had no choice but to believe them, and they were on their way to get her. They reassured us she was safe!

Then, a few months down the line, our Vet Tech, the one who saved her as a puppy,was visiting Animal Control and decided to take a walk through the dog kennels. She walked up to one kennel and said “WAIT! That’s Marley! That is OUR MARLEY!” She had been picked up by animal control in the Y.O. Ranch Hotel parking lot. DUMPED!

Heartache! Anger! Betrayal! That doesn’t even begin to describe our feelings! How can this keep happening to sweet Marley?? How has every adoption been a complete failure? She was once again homeless and hairless. People had let her down, and you could see it in her eyes. But,back at Freeman Fritts, she was –and has been loved beyond measure.
Marley continued having allergies,but her hair had returned. All she required was proper care and good quality food. She certainly did not deserve being dumped in someone’s backyard.

So, what now? Is there an upside? Well, happily, Marley has ALWAYS been happy. She was the mentor-dog for so many dogs before they went to their forever homes. Every dog we put with her learned that life was rough before, but that things can be better,and that there are good humans out there. She is our go-to community outreach dog and she LOVES every single soul she meets. Every person, kids of all ages. She holds no grudge. She will melt, roll over,and be ready to accept anyone who offers a belly rub. She taught so many the ropes and we truly believe this was her journey. This was her mission at Freeman-Fritts. She has helped and continues to help us save so many lives and help them to get their #MarleyEverAfter !

From 2011 -2019 Marley has been back with us. Yes, that’s right. 8 years.Every time someone became remotely interested, the thought of dealing with allergies deterred them. Then she became a senior before our eyes and placing her became even harder because, let’s face it, everyone wants a puppy. But why? Seniors are the ultimate package: they have manners(usually), they are potty trained(mostly!), and have years of experience being a best friend(often!). Especially Marley! And, yes,we might be a little biased,but can you blame us?

Round “Happy Times”! In 2017, a new volunteer started. Immediately she took to Marley. Every day she came. Every day, she would walk in and with such enthusiasm, shout “MARLEY!” And Marley would go crazy with excitement! In early 2019, Marley began having sleepovers at her house. First, it began as car rides in the parking lot. Our hearts were happy, because we knew Marley found her human! We knew it, they knew it, they just hadn’t admitted it yet. So we all just sat back and watched. Marley’s one-night sleepovers became extended stays. We finally had the big talk. “Do you want to make this official or what?!” Her new mom, Charlotte, didn’t have to think long or hard, of course. She simply thought of life without Marley. And, so, the decision was made, and Marley has been ADOPTED, fur reals!
Marley still comes with her new mom to visit, and her mom is still one of our very best volunteers. Charlotte is here every afternoon to walk the dogs, give them much needed time in the play-yard,and makes frozen stuffed Kong toys for the dogs to enjoy and help them de-stress in what can be a hectic environment.

Marley has made such a huge impact on so many lives, and she continues to spread her mission. THE MISSION: never give up hope!Support #MarleyEverAfter to raise awareness for all the homeless pets here at Freeman Fritts Animal Shelter and Kerr County!

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