Mimi’s Miracle

October 11, 2019


❤️ Allow us to introduce Mimi ! ❤️
A 5 month old Chihuahua/Dachshund who is sweet, precious, adorable, and completely deserving of a EVER AFTER!

Unfortunately, her story comes like any other fairytale, before the happy ever after…there is sadness. Mimi came to us after her and her littermate were found in a ditch! They were only 5 weeks old. Only babies! A few weeks went by and all seemed like it was going well, until her littermate passed away suddenly in her sleep, we believe this was heart related. That’s when we made the terrible discovery that Mimi has a severe heart murmur! You can feel the swishing of a washing machine inside her tiny little body.

This is something that has to be fixed. It will be expensive and it will require an extensive surgery. That means we need YOUR HELP! Most of all, Mimi NEEDS YOUR HELP! Without the surgery her days are numbered. Without the surgery, she will NEVER live a normal life.


We recently put out a plea to be able to send Mimi for an echocardiogram, which will determine what it is they need to repair.

‼️ We were able to get in contact with A&M and they were able to schedule us for a consultation, which includes the echocardiogram on November 25th and if we are able to raise all the funds then her surgery would follow on November 27th.

We can NOT do this without you! ❤️

❤️ Sweet Mimi is full of life and loves everyone she has ever laid her eyes on. Mimi does not even know how serious her condition is. Just like every puppy, she loves to play! So if you were unaware of her condition you would never know she had it. But, because of her current special needs we are scared of how limited her time actually is WITHOUT this surgery. Once her heart is repaired, she will go on living a long healthy happy life.

‼️Right now, we still need to raise $4000 for her surgery. We are gonna fight for Mimi and we want you to join us!

Join Team Mimi today and give to Mimi’s Miracle Fund to save her life! #teammimi

⭐️⭐️Give: https://paypal.me/freemanfritts or come by the shelter! (add in notes: Mimi Fund)

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Feel free to email for more information: [email protected]