adult Female Beagle/Terrier Mix

Hello…I’m Dory.

I  doesn’t need any fancy athletic shoes. I can get air all on my own! I mean serious air … about five feet of it! I was born in May of 2011, and for a youngster, I’m athletic. Watch me spring right into your arms. I’m little though, just over 15 pounds. Probably a Frisbee champ in the making or some kind of acrobat. But I know my manners and when inside don’t just bounce off the walls.

I get along great with most of the other dogs I’ve met. And I just love people. I definitely need someone who can help me use up some of my energy. Do you run and jump? Own a frisbee?

I’ll  bound into the air, well over your head (unless you’re really tall) when you approach, but when you get closer, I may turn shy and will require some quality time get to know you. Unfortunately I’ve lived at the shelter since I was 7 weeks old, along with my brother Squirt. Can you get me out of here??

Interested in Dory?