Adopt a senior pet month…love is ageless!

October 31, 2018

Senior cats and dogs are the best! They are often content to just relax in your company. Some make the best napping buddies too. Senior pets are the hardest to find homes for, as everyone wants a kitten or puppy. It is a sad fact that senior pets are often the last to be adopted from a shelter. If you adopt a senior cat or dog, you are truly saving a precious life!

Here are a few of our very own senior felines:

My name is Twilight! I’m a 11 years young and a beautiful silver tabby that came to the shelter as a new mom almost 9 years ago. But I’ve always been overlooked. Everyone here calls me the “lap cat extraordinaire”! I’m just totally lovable. I also like to hang around with my very best buddy, Lucky, we are a bonded pair but would be delighted to sit on your lap and be petted!

Snuggling is an occupation, right? Well let me just tell you a little about myself because, I’d be perfect for the job! My name is Lucky for starters and I’m a gray and white, a domestic long-haired. I’m 10 years old and I’ve spent too much time without a person to cuddle with . I was a feral and brought in to the shelter after having been hit by a car, but through care and gentle handling in the shelter I have revealed my super sweet disposition. My best friend is Twilight, who I must go with. You’ll find us snuggling together in a hammock or our cat tree when you drop by. You will drop by, won’t you?

Raven here! I am a bit of diva but, I think I have every right to be. I’m beautiful! And of course, quite the tease but once you give me attention, I am actually a lover. I dream of the day I get my very own home. I am 9 years young. So I’ve got a lot of wisdom! Nine years ago I came to Freeman Fritts Animal Shelter as just a baby kitten, full of spunk and sass. I’ve been passed by and overlooked many times. I would prefer a home with, maybe, no other kitties. Center of attention is kind of my thing. But I do get a long with some cats but will need to be the boss. Does this sound like a place for me in your home?

I’m Kamryn! As you can see from my lovely calico markings, I’m quite a beauty. Did they tell you that I made the cover of the book our glamour photographer made of shelter cats in 2014? Apricot is my favorite color. And I think it makes my eyes pop and sparkle.
I’m quirky about other cats and want to be the only cat in the house. I was brought here with the rest of my littermates too many years ago and I was bottle raised by the doctor here. I was then adopted but unfortunately was brought back a few years later. I was a little bit too pushy and as much as I love to be petted(which I really do!), I’ll also let you know when I’m done too. I would love to be your forever companion and we can learn to respect each other’s boundaries too. I’m just a sassy cat is all. In the morning you can find me taking a stroll around the shelter, maybe even relaxing on the desk, ready to greet anyone who comes in. I know this may come off as intimidating but in all seriousness I really am a love. Please come meet me today!